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Meditation And Stress Control

It is a distressing fact many people react poorly to stress. In the worst cases of prolonged stress, this can lead to nervous breakdowns and depression. Stress is rarely cited as the cause of death but doctors know that stress can lead to other, physical and mental, disorders, which can then lead to death by suicide or heart disease. Stress is a killer, there is no doubt about that. Yet a certain amount of stress often results in a job being done better.

The trick is to learn how to deal with the situations that we find stressful. If the cause of the stress is financial, learn how to handle your money better. If the cause is emotional, sort it out with your partner or get out of the relationship. If you are not happy in your job, get a new one or retrain. If you are content where you are, but you still need assistance to cope with your stress, then help is at hand.

There are many ways of working off stress. Some people like to go for a 'swift drink' on the way home and that is fine as long as it is kept under control. Others like to go training or jogging. Others like to relax in a hot bath, a Jacuzzi or a sauna. Some enjoy a massage and others take up yoga and or meditation.

Stress is all in the mind. Even sport or training only 'helps take your mind off' your difficulties. It stands to reason then that if you want to overcome stress, you have to change the way your mind copes with it. Counseling will help some people, indeed they may need it, but most people can help themselves by getting a good book on meditation techniques.

Meditation is not easy to do properly unless you are a natural and there are some, but for most of us it is a skill that we have to learn. If you want to learn and you stay with it, you will achieve such a level of aptitude as will allow you to deal with stress and the problems that caused your stress. It will allow you to see the problems more clearly and perhaps you will realize that they are not really problems at all - only challenges and tests, puzzles to be solved in a game.

Meditation is more than just thinking, but I cannot go into how to teach meditation in this short piece of writing. The Internet has loads of good Information on meditation, but I personally do not find reading a computer screen relaxing, which is why I suggest getting a book, so that you can read it somewhere peaceful and practice what it explains.

Suitable places could be in your bedroom, on the decking or in the garden surrounded by your flowers. Indoors you could recreate the smells of the garden with scent and aromatherapy. Lavender is believed to be relaxing for a lot of people.

Some people like to play peaceful music, although it is better not to have words or you may become distracted. Some people like listening to whale songs. I like to start my meditation sessions by relaxing my whole body. I start by picturing little people inside my legs, arms and torso pulling wires to move my muscles. I start in my feet and tell each person one by one to take an hour's tea break and I watch him leaving his post, in my big toe, for example, and walking up the inside of my leg to the canteen (wherever that is). Before long he is joined by other colleagues from other 'departments', until no part of my body is capable or movement, because there is no-one there to operate the muscles or wires.

Then I go back to the office in my head and I open up a crack in the ground. This crack keeps getting wider, very slowly getting wider and all the thoughts, problems and ideas that I have, play a game of jumping over the widening crack. Some are weak and fall down the crack soon. Other ideas are strong and persistent and the crack has to get quite wide before they perish as well. In the end, I am left alone, unless I choose to join in the game too and then the factory becomes totally deserted and there is a works shut down.


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