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The Randomness Of Funny Stuff

There are some things that are just funny whether they were intended to be or not. Like tripping over your own feet, that fall you took off of the edge of your porch, or the broken heel you got when you managed to wedge your shoe in the door to keep the elevator from closing.

Now, breaking your heel to hold the elevator door may not be considered a funny thing to you, but it is to the group of people that watched you fight with your shoe for twenty minutes trying to get it unstuck. Anything funny can come from the most innocent moments. This funny stuff sometimes happens out of the blue and causes onlookers to wish for a camera to capture it.

That funny stuff in the emails you get each day and forward. Pictures you took with unexpected people in the background are funny things too. When your cat fell in the bathtub with you, that was some funny stuff. Not the scratches you got, of course, but the cat trying to scramble its way back to dry land.

Anything funny will cause people to laugh and ask for a repeat performance. Some want laughs so badly they will set up others so that funny stuff happens to them. The old bucket-of-water-over-the-door trick may be a little outdated, but it is still a funny thing to do to an unsuspecting person.

Although different people have a different view of what funny things are. Some consider hiding rubber snakes to be funny. But nothing funny is seen about it by the one screaming at the snake until they realize that it is a fake.

Funny stuff happens all the time when you have children. Kids are adorable and they will embarrass you given the chance; parroting is the most common of the funny things kids do. By parroting, I don't mean they repeat what you are saying to them. No, this would not embarrass you. Instead they wait until you are talking to someone and repeat what you didn't think they heard, which has a tendency to turn your face red. While your face is red, the person you were speaking with tries, usually unsuccessfully, to suppress their laughter, proving yet again that funny things are different for everyone.

Funny stuff can occur from forgetfulness as well. Like something funny that can happen in your kitchen, for instance. Pouring yourself a drink and putting it in the refrigerator. Then you go around looking for that same drink for half an hour while those that watched you put it in the fridge stand by and say nothing.

Anything funny caught on film becomes funnier as it is shared with the world. The funniest things aren't staged, but just happen, or at least look like they just happened out of nowhere. Hidden wires and things left out of place can lead to funny stuff happening when someone that is not in on the set-up enters the picture. The unsuspecting person walks in and takes flight as they hit the wire strung across the room, unable to catch their balance.

These are proof that anything funny can come from funny things that were not realized to be funny by all who were there at the time.


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