Episode 255
Cena won, be we offer no LOL, Brock comes back, and STING BREAKS THE INTERNET....AGAIN!!!  
Def Jam Fight For NY Review
In the bar, it's going down! In the subway station, it's going down! In Snoop Dogg's office, it's going down! Yeah, this joke isn't funny. ABORT! ABORT!   Support TWK Reviews! http://www.gofundme.com/9r4vpk Check out The Broken Infinite: http://thebrokeninfinite.com/
RVT Game Crew Mystical Ninja #11: A New Level of Power
In this episode Goemon does some training and we move on to the next area.     Artwork by Cavalierstylez http://cavalierstylez.deviantart.com/
Ball Pits and Dash Con SNN Radio
Tony returns and we discuss The Train Wreck that was Dash Con. and Yes we did have a ball pit  Listen or Download  the full podcast  https://soundcloud.com/lc12203/dash-con-and-ball-pits-snn-podcast
Know the Score: Top Five YouTube Music Videos
We've all wasted time on YouTube.  Here are some of the best ways to do it.
Tomica Hero Rescue Force
EZ Rider may be the one in need of rescue once he reviews another Takara Tomy series and the spiritual sequel to Ryukendo. (Part 1) Toku Time: Tomica Hero Rescue Force Review... by tokutime (Part 2) Toku Time: Tomica Hero Rescue Force Review... by tokutime
AniMat’s Reviews: Planes: Fire & Rescue
It hasn’t even been a full year since we’ve first seen Dusty off on his first embarrassing adventure, but maybe he’ll make things up with this one…maybe
Rager's PPV Lockdown: Battleground 2014
Sunday night will be a war zone and Rage Rider is mapping out the battle plans. Who will win? Get the WWE Network at www.wwe.com
Episode 254
THE SHADES IS GOING TO WWE BATTLEGROUND! Also Kevin Steen had his last ROH match...also STING!!!!  
Season 6 Episode 10
Before anything, don't worry folks we're not changing our schedule. It's just that since EVO took up all weekend all the way up until very late Sunday we had to record a little later. That's why it's up today. As I already mentioned EVO, that's what this show is all about. The Evolution 2014 fighting game tournaments where hundreds
Classic: Wild Force Ep.8
Recap-A-Mania is running WILD, BROTHER! *Shirt Rip*  
RVT Game Crew: Anju & Kafei Sidequest
With The Shades at Metrocon Matty and T-Dub decided to record a special episode with... interesting results.  
RVT at Metrocon 2014 (An Audio Recap)
The Shades, Along with Lady K, talk about their Experience at Metrocon 2014. From the Interviews, to the Events, to some behind the scenes action, They let you know what they thought of this years events, as they prepare to produce this years videos.      
Episode 253
Daniel Bryan's troubles get worse, Sting needs to stop being a cocktease, and Matty goes to a Smackdown Taping!  

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